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International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics

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Dear friends!

Professor Kiryl Prashchayeu

Autonomous nonprofit organization "Research medical center "Gerontology" (Center) was formed in 2011.

The creation of our Center was necessary for the development of research in the field of gerontology - a multidisciplinary science of ageing. Experts in various fields - physicians, biologists, psychologists, sociologists, engineers, lawyers, and teachers - are actively discuss a wide range of issues: the mechanisms of aging, diseases associated with age, prevention of premature aging, creation of barrier free environment for elders, social assistance for the elderly and many other problems. Thus, it was necessary to create a scientific platform where representatives of different professions could implement their projects, share their experiences, research results, discuss and develop a common view on the current problems in the field of gerontology.

The main mission of the Center is to unite the efforts of specialists in various fields for improving the quality of life of people in older age groups.

The main scientific interests of the Center are the following:

  • development of preventive geriatrics (anti-aging medicine) with the aim of providing a creative and active longevity;
  • an integrated approach to the study of the phenomenon of frailty and geriatric syndromes with the aim of ensuring a dignified life for the people of elderly and senile age, centenarians;
  • organization of specialized geriatric care in terms of nursing homes for elderly citizens and the disabled;
  • scientific substantiation of educational programs in the field of anti-aging medicine, gerontology and geriatrics.

We are looking forward to cooperation!

The Director of Center, Professor Kiryl Prashchayeu

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